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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Forms of Government Other than Democracy: Dictatorship

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In modern terms dictatorship is the major form of autocratic governments. In dictatorship the state is controlled or ruled by an individual called dictator. Absolute power rests with the dictator.
The power by a dictator is obtained by any one of the following ways:
1. Inherited as a family legacy.
2. Through force or coup often committed by head of the military of a state.
3. Handed over constitutionally to a person as in emergency in democratic system.
4. By suspending existing constitution after being handed over the office constitutionally and taking over as a dictator.
In dictatorship the power absolutely rests with the dictator unrestricted by law, constitution or other political or social considerations. There is no place of any opposition or public participation in dictatorship. It's exactly opposite of democracy. Individual ideology or often the tyranny of the dictator prevails.
Most the dictators have been notorious for their tyranny, power-mongering, greed and other idiosyncrasies. Dictators have been responsible for killing over 100 million people on earth.
Some of the notorious dictators we know: Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Stalin (USSR), Hirohito (Japan), Mao (China), Kim II Sung (North Korea), Amin (Uganda), Hussein (Iraq), Pol Pot (Cambodia), Mubarak (Egypt).
While most of the dictators were infamous for their cruelty, the Italian revolutionary who became dictator of Sicily was quite popular ruler in Italy and accepted as such internationally. But this was an exception.
Most of the tyrannical dictators met their deaths unsung and in shame.
A large majority of the countries with dictatorship types of governments ruled by dictators are striving to abolish the dictatorship and moving to some other forms of governments, mostly the democracy i.e. peoples' government.

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